Ice Spiders ice snow carving tools Wilfred Stijger

Ice and Snow Carving Spiders

A cousin to the amazing sand carving tool the Willy Sphere, Wilfred Stijger’s Ice Spiders create the same perfect spheres in ice and snow. These hand made ice and snow carving tools are fully adjustable so that you can make a wide range of sphere sizes with just a simple quick adjustment. A perfectionist, Wilfred Stijger, has designed several types of Ice Spiders in a multiple of configurations. From three blade “Ice Frogs” to the eight blade monster spider, they are tough precision instruments, built and designed to last. Their beauty is in their sculptural design. A design that makes the arduous the task of making one the most difficult forms in sculpture (the sphere) a joy to do!

Ice Spiders create crsytal balls
Ice Spiders work with snow
Ice Frog
Built to last
Folds to protect blades
Light weight Three blade
Easy to adjust and use
Five Blades
Blade protection
Create ephemeral beauty
This guy can make giant spheres
Your imagination is the only limit
ice spiders Wilfred Stijger ice carving tools
Ulidis discovers Ice Spider

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