About Wilfred Stijger Tools

Wilfred Stijger is a skilled artist and when it comes to inventing, designing and fabricating ice, snow and sand carving and shaping tools. Because he is also a gifted carver who actually needs and uses the tools he makes, his carving and shaping tools precisely fit the job he made them for, Whether it is a simple Willy Sphere or a complicated five blade Ice Spider, Wilfred builds and designs them to work with ease.
All his carving tools are made with the best materials in order to make them as indestructible and easy to maintain as possible.Hand-made, his ice carving tools are truly works of art and a joy to use. Because his ice carving tools are made to order, they are truly unique to the artist and soon become one their indispensable tools.
If you are looking for tools which make carving and shaping seem effortless. Tools that become part of your anatomy then you must try one of Wilfred Stijger’s creations!

Ice Snow & Sand Carving & Shaping Tools: Gallery

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